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How to address your parenting issues in order to have a calm and happy personal – and family – life.

Being a good parent it’s not always easy. Ok, it’s never easy. You get doubts, fears, a lot of questions and issues, worries, and feelings that sometimes block you or bring you a sense of “this is out of control” or, at least, you feel that you have no idea what you can and should do, with – or in – a certain situation.

You can choose whatever makes more sense to you, with the certainty that together everything will look easier to accomplish because I’ll be with you all the way making sure you see things in a new and clear way so you can be able to find what you are looking for, and need, to have that calm and happy life, by helping yourself or helping your children.

Parental Counselling

Session: 60 to 90 minutes | Frequency: according to your needs

For a period of 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your needs, you can use your time to ask questions, to talk about what you feel and/or think, to reflect upon the situation and to understand what steps you have to take in order to know how to deal with whatever is happening.

And the best part is, you are not alone. I’ll be there by your side in every moment along the way and together we can make everything easier to see and accomplish.


Whatever you are looking for:

If you are just trying to get to know you better as a parent

If you want to solve an issue (or issues) that is starting to be difficult to handle or unbearable


If you just want to help your children to deal with something

Parental counselling is the answer.


The most common issues parents seek help with are:

Tantrums (why do they happen and how to handle them)

Sleep (how can I help my child to sleep in his/her bed)

Eating issues (how can I deal with my teen son/daugther bad habits)

Divorce (how can I raise my child when my ex doesn’t think the same way I do)

Risk behaviors (I think my teen’s friends are a bad influence)


Even if you don’t resonate with any of these situations but your issue has one (or many) of these elements: father, mother, grandad, grandmother, baby, child or adolescent, then the parental counselling it’s still a good choice.

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